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Two Fun Tennis Drills You Can Do From Home - Columbia Association

Low volley drill. The volley is one of the most important shots in tennis. The low volley in particular demands a ton of coordination and balance, which is why patience and practice are crucial. CA adult tennis director Anna Pomyatinskaya shares a simple low volley drill you can try at home to sharpen your technique and win points from the net with greater confidence.

The 9 Best Tennis Drills For Improving Your Volley Game

Drill # 2 – The Volley-To-Volley Drill. This drill is one of the best for improving your volley game. It should be used in every practice and will definitely sharpen your reflexes if used consistently. Two people are required for this drill. Each person will stand at the service line – one on each side of the net.

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10 Fun Tennis Drills You Can Practice Without A Court

For this drill, you’ll need a wall, a racket, and a tennis ball. Simply go to a wall and practice all your strokes. Here is how I practice on the wall, which is typically a 25-minute session. 5 minutes of forehand groundstrokes (topspin) 5 minutes of backhand groundstrokes (topspin) 3 minutes of forehand slice.

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Intermediate players should start to take more of a step when hitting a volley and experimenting with different volley drills. Your body steps into the ball a little bit more, and you should be able to control the volley to the left or to the right and start to control the ball either deep or short in the court.

3 Tennis Drills to Hit a Better Volley | IMG Academy

Watch how student-athletes perform each exercise with keen attention to their grip, foundation and base, and finesse. The focus is on three drills: Touch Volley. 3-Ball Drill. 1-on-1 Drill. Becoming a better tennis player and hitting better volleys starts with the proper training. The Touch Volley drill teaches you how to set yourself up to absorb the power of the opponent and create momentum to transfer into the shot.

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Tennis “V” Volley Drill Setup. How to: Stand at the center of the service line while your partner stands on the other side of the court. When your partner hits the ball, move forward to return a volley. If the ball comes outside the V shape, you have to hit a down-the-line volley and crosscourt volley in the other case.